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Thomas Mann – Der Zauberberg (Magic Mountain)

Thomas Mann - Der Zauberberg

It took the author Thomas Mann eleven years (1913 to 1924) to finish the thousand-page novel about the maturing process of the young Hans Castorp. In case that proves too long: You can also watch the classic adapted on film in 1982 (DVD duration: 146 minutes) or audio recording (516 minutes). To those who know the novels of Thomas Mann, no fairy world will be expected at the title ‘Der Zauberberg’. It is a description of a world as it was before the First World War. There are plenty of personalities which make the novel so realistic and relatable. 

Thomas Mann tells the story of a young man from Hamburg named Hans Castorp. As a child of an aristocratic family he lives until the outbreak of the First World War in a luxurious Swiss sanatorium. This is where lung patients are being treated and cured. Hans Castorp spends seven years of his life there, without being ill. The descriptions of Thomas Mann present a spectacular sanatorium which does not fail to impress readers. One feels like in the middle of this story and part of a great novel. With an enticing narrative and impressive realism Thomas Mann describes the rules of the Zauberberg and lets the readers seemingly relive the events.

Thomas Mann’s mother Julia (maiden name Silva-Bruhns) was of brazilian origin on her mother’s side of the family.